Typhoon Ondoy and Antipolo

It’s been around six days since Typhoon Ondoy dumped a lot of rain in the Philippines. Fortunately, our home in St. Gabriel Heights (Avida Communities Antipolo) was spared. There was no flood on our street, because the drainage system is good and our location is high.

Just the same, we turn our attention to people living around us.

Avida Antipolo is in Brgy. Dalig, and nearby is the Antipolo-Teresa-Tanay Road. We heard reports of some landslides in the provincial zigzag road. If you want more updates, you can view the Twitter stream of DND Sec. Gibo Teodoro at @giboteodoro

There were also reports of landslides in the Antipolo-Sumulong road near Cloud 9 (Padi’s Point). From Avida Antipolo, however, you can reach Assumption Antipolo via Sumulong before Padi’s Point.

This means that if you would like to help our brothers and sisters who were severely affected by the floods brought about by Typhoon Ondoy, you can still easily get to Assumption Antipolo, where they have organized a shelter for flood victims.

From St. Gabriel Heights, you can also easily go to Shopwise. If you are moved to do so, I encourage you to buy canned goods, drinking water, toilet paper, toothbrush, toothpaste, shampoo, alcohol, and other necessities, which you can then donate to various relief centers and shelters to help our fellow Filipinos.

We are blessed to be safe and dry here in Avida Antipolo. There’s drinking water available, plus electricity.

So when we watch the news and look at what is happening to our kababayans in Antipolo, Angono, Marikina, Cainta, Pasig, and other areas affected by the flood, we will do more than just breathe a prayer of thanks for being spared.

We will get the word out, donate (time and/or money), and even volunteer to provide help and comfort to our people.

If you are in Manila, feel free to come up to Antipolo. The last time I looked, Ortigas Ave. Extension is dry, so you can easily drive up to Antipolo. The Tikling junction is clear, too. Marcos Highway, on the other hand, may be quite difficult (plus there are landslides that have to be cleared along Sumulong, though you can try the Cogeo alternate route).

We’re all in this together, and I encourage my fellow Avida Antipolo homeowners to pray, go out and help, and contribute to the relief efforts in any way we can.

Our homes and our families are safe and sound here in Avida. Perhaps this blessing’s purpose is to give us the strength and the courage to bring help and comfort to people around our community who need it most.