Getting Around in Antipolo

You can easily get around Antipolo with the help of jeepneys and tricycles. While they have been experimenting with new traffic rerouting schemes, trike drivers have gotten accustomed to the changes.

If you are going to different Antipolo properties such as St. Gabriel Heights or St. Alexandra Estates, then be assured that the traffic rules have not been changed. This means public transportation drivers can easily get you to your home in the Avida Land community in Antipolo.

Here’s a local tip: If you’re getting a ride near Shopwise Antipolo, tell the tricycle driver you want to go to “Avida” intead of “St. Gabriel”, because that’s how they can easily recognize the place. Afterall, the main entrance gate of the Avida Land community in Antipolo clearly shows “Avida”, and that’s how tricycle and jeepney drivers refer to the place.

If you prefer to look like a newcomer, then go ahead and say “Sa St. Gabriel po.” But if you want to come across as a confident resident of Antipolo, then just say: “Sa Avida po.” 🙂